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A Parent’s Struggle

In the court of law, they stand alone, A parent fighting for what’s their own, Their child’s custody, their heart’s desire, A battle raging like a wildfire.   Their tears are hidden, their fears inside, But their spirit is strong, they won’t be denied, Against all odds, they fight to win, Their determination their greatest […]

Have Fun at the Game Developers Conference 2023!

If you are going to the 2023 Game Developer Conference I would like to draw your attention to a couple of things to keep in mind. At GDC, you will probably encounter contracts related to game development, publishing, licensing, and other aspects of the industry. These contracts can be complex and often contain clauses that […]

Grounds for Divorce in Texas – Conclusion: Why Does It Matter?

So we have written about the 7 grounds for divorce in Texas. From Irreconcilable Differences to confinement in a mental hospital we have broken down the code into something easier to understand. This post attempts to explain why choosing the correct ground for filing the divorce is important.  The first and easiest grounds is the […]

Victory! Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Today is a great day for one Houston father. Today, this father’s child custody case comes to a triumphant resolution. Late last year, the mother of his child took the baby out of state and refused efforts to reconcile. Once out of state, the mother spread lies about the father. To make matters worse for […]

Grounds for Divorce in Texas – Part 6: Waiting is the Hardest Part

Tom Petty says it more poetically but Separation, per Merriam-Webster, is also grounds for divorce under Texas Statute. Section 6.007 puts it very succinctly, “The court may grant a divorce in favor of either spouse if the spouses have lived apart without cohabitation for at least three years.” So, how is this different from our […]