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PROTECTING IMMIGRANT CHILDREN – Special Immigration Juvenile (S.I.J.) Status Petition

By Jaison C. John Every year, thousands of young immigrants arrive in the United States alone, carrying invisible scars from unimaginable hardship. Fleeing violence, abuse, or neglect in their home countries, they often find themselves in a legal and emotional limbo. But amidst the uncertainties, a beacon of hope exists: Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status. […]

Adult Adoption in Texas

Much has been written in the news lately about the Michael Oher story.  This is a story about a young football player named Michael Oher facing homelessness and how Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy took him in.  Micheal Oher went on to become a successful NCAA and NFL football player.  A book about their story […]

Legal Complexities: A Crowded Beach

Imagine you’re at a crowded beach on a hot summer day. There are people everywhere, and it’s hard to move around. You might be trying to find a spot to sit, or you might be trying to get to the water. Either way, it’s not easy. Legal complexities can be a lot like a crowded […]

Navigating Divorce: Like Preparing Biryani but with More Rules

Special Considerations for Divorce within the South Asian Indian Community Divorce is a difficult and challenging process for anyone, regardless of their cultural background. However, within the Indian Community, due to the many distinctive traditions of people from India, there are some unique concerns that may arise during the divorce process. Social Stigma In many […]

Racing to the Courthouse: What does winning get you?

Did you know that a marriage divorce is technically a lawsuit? Child custody and child support disagreements are often resolved via a lawsuit (1). In a civil lawsuit, there are at least two sides often referred to as the Petitioner and the Respondent. The Petitioner is the side that files the lawsuit with the court. […]

The Desirability of Child Support

As a parent, providing for your child’s needs is one of your top priorities. When parents separate or divorce, child support can become a crucial issue in ensuring that the child’s financial needs are met. While some parents may resist the idea of paying official child support, there are several reasons why it is desirable […]

Community is Not Just a Sitcom!

In Texas, property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is presumed to be equally owned by both spouses. However, there are some exceptions. Community property can include: Property owned by the community; except for separate property. Income from community property Earnings brought in by either spouse during marriage Some exceptions to what is considered […]

A Parent’s Struggle

In the court of law, they stand alone, A parent fighting for what’s their own, Their child’s custody, their heart’s desire, A battle raging like a wildfire.   Their tears are hidden, their fears inside, But their spirit is strong, they won’t be denied, Against all odds, they fight to win, Their determination their greatest […]