A Parent’s Struggle

In the court of law, they stand alone,

A parent fighting for what’s their own,

Their child’s custody, their heart’s desire,

A battle raging like a wildfire.


Their tears are hidden, their fears inside,

But their spirit is strong,

they won’t be denied,

Against all odds, they fight to win,

Their determination their greatest weapon.


The courtroom walls echo their pleas,

Their words like music to the jury’s ears,

They paint a picture of a loving home,

A place where their child will never be alone.


They argue with passion, with all their might,

Their every word filled with love and light,

Their child, their reason for every breath,

They’ll do whatever it takes, no matter the test.


Through sleepless nights and endless days,

They never waver, they never stray,

With every step, they move closer to their goal,

A parent’s love, their greatest role.


And finally, the verdict is given,

The judge’s words like a key to heaven,

Their child’s custody, theirs to keep,

The battle won, they can finally sleep.


But the scars remain,

the wounds still raw,

For the journey was long,

filled with strife and flaw,

Yet, they emerge, stronger than before,

A warrior, a parent, forevermore.


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Poem written with the aid of ChatGPT