Considerations to make when divorcing an abuser

Leaving an abuser can be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done in Texas. It takes strength and courage to break free from an abusive relationship, and many challenges come along with it. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible or worth the effort.

Emergency order of protection(EOP)

If you’re considering leaving an abuser, it’s important to first take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. This may include filing for an emergency order of protection. An emergency order of protection can offer some immediate safety measures, such as prohibiting the abuser from contacting you or coming near you.

Leaving home

Once you’ve filed for an emergency order of protection, it’s important to start planning your exit strategy. If you’re able to, leave home and go stay with a friend or family member. If that’s not possible, look for a safe place to stay, such as a domestic violence shelter.

Child custody

If you have children, it’s important to think about their safety and well-being during and after the divorce. This is especially important if the abuser is the primary caretaker. You can help ensure their safety by working with a family law professional to negotiate child custody and visitation arrangements.

Financial security

Leaving an abuser can be a very costly decision. You may need to find a new place to live, buy new clothes and furniture and pay attorney fees. It’s important to create or update your budget so you have a plan for how you’ll cover these costs.

Emotional support

Leaving an abusive relationship can be incredibly emotionally traumatic. You may find yourself and/or your children experiencing a range of emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and confusion. It’s important to seek out emotional support from friends and family members who can help you deal with these feelings. It’s also important to seek out counseling or therapy if you need help dealing with the emotional aftermath of abuse.

Leaving an abuser is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do, but it’s worth the effort. By taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, you can increase your safety and begin the process of rebuilding your life.