Patent Litigation: What You Should Know

At The Law Firm of John & Morgan, P.C., our experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants leads us to believe that too many companies expend an excessive amount of time and money on patent litigation. We prepare our client’s cases for trial. This means discovery focused on the evidence necessary to prevail on a dispositive issue. This means recognizing that an argument or theory will not be dispositive and having the courage to recommend to a client that it not be pursued or even that it be conceded. In the long run, this approach results in less costly and more effective representation.

Experience Matters And We Have Plenty

Our team has experience in virtually all of the presently popular venues for patent filings, including the Northern District of California and the District of Delaware. Additionally, we have developed particular expertise in the Eastern District of Texas. The relationships we have built with judges, courtroom personnel and other lawyers is unmatched. We will even provide you with references, upon request, from a number of local council to confirm both the importance and breadth of our experience in this regard.

The firm possesses particular expertise in Markman briefing and hearings. Even if you have obtained separate counsel to handle your general patent litigation needs, we periodically enter into engagements solely focused on successfully navigating the Markman process. We remain interested in entering into such arrangements to assist in this vitally important stage of any patent case. Our goal is to help you reach a favorable result, no matter where you are at in the process.

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Our firm is most proud of the settlement and courtroom results it has achieved in recent years. When evaluating potential firms, we want you to compare our experience, settlements and verdicts against those of our competitors. We believe you will find that the comparison favors The Law Firm of John & Morgan, P.C.. Call our office in Houston at 713-934-7000 to schedule a consultation today.