The Law Firm of John & Morgan, P.C., has experience in litigation and transactional work. For example, the attorneys at The Law Firm of John & Morgan, P.C., have drafted various types of contracts. The firm has drafted complex Intellectual Property contracts, including Patent License, Trademark License, Nondisclosure agreements, etc. Further, the Firm also drafts Real Estate contracts, Construction contracts, as well as Business Agreements.

Law firms that have litigation experience, as well as experience in transactional matters generally have an advantage over other Firms that do not handle litigation. Quite often, in experience with litigation matters, we see many pitfalls in contract language that arise during a dispute. Therefore, armed with this additional knowledge, our Firm drafts contracts that not only lays out the agreement between parties but also avoids various pitfalls that may arise in the event a dispute occurs. Contact us if with any questions regarding contractual matters.