Friday the 13th is still a Friday!

Taking a break from our series on grounds for divorce.

What’s the deal about Friday the 13th?  Today, 1/13/23 is the first Friday the 13th of the year. The next is in October. The fear of Friday the 13th, also known as friggatriskaidekaphobia, is thought to have originated from a combination of religious, superstitious, and cultural beliefs. In Christian tradition, Friday is considered an unlucky day because it is the day on which Jesus was crucified. The number 13 is also considered unlucky in many cultures, as it has been associated with death and bad luck. Additionally, the fear of Friday the 13th may have been reinforced by popular culture, such as the horror movie franchise “Friday the 13th.”

Did you know that black cats are adopted less often than their polychrome siblings? And that’s a shame! Black cats are often considered to be the best cats because of their unique and striking appearance. Their glossy, jet-black fur is sleek and shiny, and their bright green or yellow eyes can be quite striking. Many people find black cats to be mysterious and intriguing, and they are often associated with witchcraft and magic. Additionally, black cats are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in some cultures.

However, it’s important to note that whether a cat is black or any other color is irrelevant when it comes to their loyalty, affection, and personality. Cats of any color can make great pets and companions, and should be chosen based on their individual personalities and compatibility with their potential owner.

The Houston Humane Society is always in need of adopters and fosters for their cats. Houston Humane Society If you are looking for a great companion, please consider reaching out to them.

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